OkraThere are times when I know that a vegetable isn’t going to go over well, and I employ brute force tactics. My kids’ have recently become obsessed with the movie Ghostbusters, and I figured gooey Okra, gooey, ghosts, maybe that reference will get them to try this bizarre and sticky vegetable. No dice. But popcorn? Sometimes the greatest tricks come from the kids themselves…

ME: Guys, look at this. You know what this is called? It’s called Ghostbuster food. Who wants to break it open?

SAM: Me.

ME: What do you think is inside?

SAM: Seeds.

ME: Yeah?  Do you think Ghostbuster goo is in there?  Break it right open. Is there goo  inside?

SAM: Yeah.

LAUREN: I want to try!

ME: Ok.  Here you go. Is there goo inside?


ME: What? There’s no goo inside?

LAUREN: Whoa, look at this!

ME: Yeah!  You found the goo right? You can touch it.


ME: Yeah!  That is why I’m calling it this our Ghostbuster’s vegetable.  Do you know what it’s really called?


ME: It’s called Okra.


ME: Yeah, It’s all slimy inside.  Emma, do you want to see the inside?

SAM: Look.  Watch this.

ME: What? 

SAM: I’m going to eat it!

EMMA: Ewwww.

SAM: Just kidding.

ME: It’s gooey, that’s right. Look at that big long string of goo between the two of them.

EMMA: Ewww.

ME: It’s like a ghost got in here. Um, who wants to smell it?  What does it smell like Emma?

EMMA: Um, watermelon.

LAUREN: Is this what we’re having for dinner tonight?!

ME: Yeah.  What do you think it tastes like?

LAUREN:  (Takes a bite) Um Hum.
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