PinItToWinItOK, everyone, now that you have a sense for what we’re doing over here in Challenge land, it’s time for you to step up your game.  The challenge is serious business, it’s not all about salt and mustaches.  No idea what I’m talking about?  Clearly you’re missing some critical blog posts that have the ability to change your life. Until your kids go to college, at which point, I’m of no use to you anymore.

I still get emails from you that you (aghast) still have picky eaters at home and can’t get them to eat dinner.  You’re still making multiple meals.  And you’re still scared to try new foods with your little rascals (I mean angels).  Nonsense.  We’re nixing the bad habits and we’re going to work on this together.  

It’s time for you to join me on the challenge.  You heard me right – the 52-week challenge is now opening its doors for you to participate and tell the rest of the world how fantastically amazing your kids are.  Before you know it, they’ll be even better eaters than you are.  They’ll be ripping open sea urchin shells with their bare hands, and slurping the contents raw while banging their plastic Princess/Buzz Lightyear utensils on the table wanting “more mommy more!” 

OK, we’re getting carried away here.  But I think we’d all be happy if they ate some melon and asked for seconds.  And don’t you want to have a place to brag about it?

Starting today, you can join us on our new Pinterest group board, open for all to pin pictures of the strange, beautiful, delicious and sometimes gag-worthy fruits and vegetables you’re introducing to your kids (sea beans, my apologies).  Remember to encourage them to use all five senses as they explore each new food, getting them to taste it last.  Building up their curiosity is key.  

Just contact me and I’ll add you to the board so that you can pin all day, all night. I will not make your email public or use it for any other purpose than to give you access to this little lovefest of a board that we’ll all one day call home.   Note: you must have a Pinterest account already before I add your email, otherwise you’ll get an error message.  Never used Pinterest and/or not know how to upload pics?  Just follow the quick tutorial I made down at the bottom.  

To sweeten the deal, there may be crested navy cardigans given out to our challenge family at the end of the year.  To be completely honest, that most likely won’t happen.  But you might get a SpongeBog greeting card signed by a 5-year old with some old spaghetti stuck to it. 

So what does all of this really mean?  Let’s get a little more creative than strawberries and halved grapes.  Potato chips and French fries do not count as vegetables.  I guess you can still feed them these things, but the key here is to SUPPLEMENT!  That’s right, one new food per week and you’re adding 52 new types of food to their diet per year.  And even if they only like a quarter of those, that’s still 13 new types of fruits and/or veg that they’ll start to enjoy more regularly. 

How awesome is that?

So come join us, and show us what you’ve got!

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