cactus_pear 005

The cactus pear was a big fat whopping disappointment of a challenge food. Not only did the tiny needles work their way into a few of my fingers, but the interior also tasted like potatoes and mud. I was so excited when I cut open the pear and saw the ruby interior. Looks can be deceiving, that’s all I can say.

ME: Do you guys know what this is called?

LAUREN: Ugly fruit?

ME: No, we ate the ugli fruit, you remember that one right?

LAUREN: I said Oogly fruit.

ME: OK, well it’s not that either.

LAUREN: Is it a kind of fruit?

ME: Yes. What is it called?

LAUREN: Well it kind of looks like Sam’s big head.

ME: That’s not nice.

LAUREN: I mean not the color.

ME: Again, not nice.

SAM: My head is big. My head is going to be like MegaMind!

ME: OK, we’re getting off track. Have you ever heard of a cactus?

LAUREN: It’s called a cap-tus.

ME: Thanks for correcting me. Ever heard of a captus before?

LAUREN: Yes, it lives in the desert.

ME: That’s right. A cac-tus grows in the desert.

LAUREN: And the forest.

ME: So this is called a cactus pear. Do you guys want to touch it gently? Careful, it’s got little spikies in it. I didn’t realize it but I noticed that my fingers have tiny little spikes in them now.

ME: What do you think it’s going to look like on the inside? Guesses?

LAUREN: Yellow or greenish?

ME: Sam?

SAM: Nothing.

ME: Nothing? It’s just going to be air on the inside?

SAM: Yes.

ME: (Cutting) look what it looks like on the inside!

LAUREN: Purplish?

ME: Yes, I was so surprised to see that. Anyone want to smell it? Does it smell good?

EMMA: Yeah.

LAUREN: I think it smells great.

ME: Let’s see if we can cut out a little piece.

EMMA: I want to try it.

ME: I think you’re supposed to spoon it out or something.

LAUREN: Do they make it out of jelly?

ME: I don’t know. It kind of seems like it. But nobody makes it out of anything. That’s the point of nature, it just grows like that. Try it.

LAUREN: I don’t like it.

ME: Super mealy. And the seeds are hard.

LAUREN: No they aren’t.

ME: Kind of has a potatoey texture to it. Kind of like a mashed potato texture with seeds. Emma likes it, look, she’s eating it (I’m silently gagging)

ME: Well, that was a big flaming disappointment.


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