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For some reason it feels weird to be eating guava at this time of year. It seems like summer food, more appropriate for the warmer months; maybe even December or March when people start to jet off to the Caribbean and I need to quell my seething jealousy. But we spied a guava at the grocery store and thought why not. Live dangerously. 

ME: What is this called?

LAUREN: A lemon?

ME: No, not a lemon. What does it feel like?

SAM: It feels like a disgusting banana.

ME: OK, somebody’s a comedian today. What does it feel like?

LAUREN: Well it feels like….

SAM: A banana! (laughing)

LAUREN: It feels kind of rough….and kind of smooth.

EMMA: A banana!

ME: Did you smell it yet?

LAUREN: It smells like salad. Well actually it smells like salad dressing.

ME: Emma wants to smell it.

EMMA: Smells like banana!

ME: What do you think it’s going to look like on the inside?

LAUREN: Well, I think it’s going to look pinkish yellow.

ME: Did you see it?


ME: Well you guessed it!


ME: Who wants a little bite?

SAM: You were right Lauren, it is pinkish.

ME: I don’t know that I’ve had a guava before.

SAM and LAUREN: Guava!?

ME: Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you what we’re eating.

ME: So what do you guys think? I don’t know if we’re supposed to eat the seeds.

SAM: Can I have a Halloween birthday next year?

ME: Focus!

SAM: It tastes delicious.

ME: Sam, you have to try it.

LAUREN: It tastes like, hmmm…..

ME: I know we were talking about bananas, but I actually think that it tastes like bananas.

LAUREN: Yeah, I don’t like it that much. Let’s not get it again.

ME: I agree, tastes fine, but too many seeds.

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