Leftovers Collage

This year Thanksgiving was a total success. No sickness to take us down, we were a crew of entirely healthy adults and kids, the universe was looking down on us.

I was thankful for many things this weekend….

To my neighbor Mike for keeping his fridge bare so that I didn’t have to store my Thanksgiving dishes on a windowsill.

fridge 092

For the same neighbor for bringing me flowers on Thanksgiving day. Even after I’d banged on his front door and dragged him out of his shower to unlock it. (For future reference, Mike, please don’t lock your door on Thanksgiving day. That episode gave me an ulcer and female pattern baldness all at once. But thank you, as always, for lending me some of your fridge space.)

flowers 091

I was thankful that Rodney didn’t see me jam my butter-lathered hands up a turkey’s rear end while still wearing my wedding ring. I’m likewise thankful that even after all of the butt jamming, I still couldn’t find the gizzard bag. It’s a Thanksgiving tradition for me to cook the turkey with the bag still inside, and as you all know, it’s best not to muck with tradition.


I was thankful for our new thrift store art that makes me so joyously happy every day. Even if the kids keep bumping into it and making it ever so slightly off-kilter. At least it’s less aggravating than the Sharpie line drawing that now covers our faux Eames rocking chair.


I was thankful that Sam managed to take a quick power nap before our guests arrived. He was in a delightful mood for dinner.


I was thankful for my guests who showed up wearing protective face masks, because, as you may know, our apartment is a Thanksgiving danger zone. But truly, I was thankful for the incredible dishes they brought with them – a smoked trout spread, delicious cheeses, and some of the most beautiful pies I’ve ever laid eyes on. Critical, because the dark side of pie isn’t pretty.


Jackson and I were both thankful for heated dinner conversation about Obamacare, vintage wine and the new Paleo doggie treats on the market.


We were all thankful to get out of the house the next day for some light exercise. Those holiday dishes have already given me a spare tire.


I was thankful for Sam and his magical superpowers: two days in a row he showed us that he can in fact sleep anywhere, at any time.


On the topic of sleep, I was thankful that I was able to domesticate a blind saber-toothed tiger. They make great napping partners.


And I was ever so thankful for a whole pile of leftovers. Thanksgiving dinner is the meal that keeps giving.

Last of all, I was thankful that I get to live with a group of people who are as eager to jump into the Christmas season as I am.


Yes, that would be a tree for the adults and a tree for the kids. We’re extra seasonal in these parts.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and is enjoying the first few days of December.

And by the way, if you’re like me and are planning to eat delicious food all month long, join us on Instagram as we hashtag our way through December using #31daysofyum. There is some serious holiday food up there already, be warned. We’re all going to need a dairy free, gluten free, liquid vegan cleanse when this month is over, but I think it’ll be worth it….

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