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Since I cooked the red beets last time (a mystery food failure), I thought I’d try the kids with golden beets. And this time, I’d be a little more strategic and make them into something that’s a little more familiar…chips. The kids love kale chips, so I figured this wouldn’t be too far removed. Their response was lukewarm – initially positive, then we trended hard and fast to the dreaded no way, no how, never again territory. Fortunately peas came to the rescue.

ME: Hey guys, guess what I made?

LAUREN: Beets.

ME: Yeah.  They’re chips I made with beets.


ME: Do you want to try them?  Because you didn’t love beets last time, but maybe you’ll like beets this time if they’re in a chip form.  So Lauren’s eating the golden beets.

SAM: Me, too.

ME: Yeah, I’m going to have one, too.

[tasting the chips]

ME: What do you guys think?

LAUREN: Yummy.

SAM: Yummy.

ME: Yummy?  No, way! 

SAM: It tastes like real chips.

ME: It tastes like real chips?  Pretty awesome, right?  And, they’re made from beets.  Emma, do you want to try?

LAUREN: I like the red one more (I threw in a few red ones for comparison).

ME: Yeah?  The golden ones are bigger so they’re a little chewier on the inside, but they’re pretty good right?  Would you eat a whole bowl of those?

LAUREN: Of the red ones.

ME: Of the red ones?  Guess how many beets are in this.

SAM: Eleven.

ME: It actually took three beets to make these chips.  You want to try, Emma?  These are beet chips.

[Emma trying one]

ME: What do you think?  You like them?  Lauren likes the red ones more than the yellow ones.  What do you think?

EMMA: I don’t like the yellow one.

ME: You want to try a red one to compare?  You seem iffy on the golden beet. The red ones were smaller so they got a little crunchier. 

EMMA: I don’t want to eat it.

ME: That’s fine. Lauren can eat all of them.

LAUREN: Un-Huh. Wait, no!

ME: Do you want more Sam?

SAM: I want peas.

EMMA: Peas.

ME: OK, that’s a fair trade.

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